VA – Summer Vibes [Modern Revival]

Summer is here, and we got some added heat for those backyard BBQ's, day parties, and beach afternoons! Covering a range of vocal gems, soul, funk, hip hop, deep house and all around feel-good jams, this is the perfect soundtrack to those Summer memories.

Featuring Kartell, King Kooba, DJ E-Clyps, Ben Dragon, Rick Wade, Adrian Hibbs, Vic Lavender, Postitive Divide, DJ Romain and many more!

King Kooba, Dathan Williams - Inside Out (Original Mix)
Loframes - Get Real (Can't Touch Your Love) (Kartell Remix)
DJ E-Clyps - That Brooklyn Ish (Part 2)
Ben Dragon - Here and Now (Original Mix)
Positive Divide - Ain't No Stoppin' (Original Mix)
Mystik Mike - Don't Make Me Wait (Original Mix)
Astraglide - Get On Board (Original Mix)
DJ Rico - Musica (Brazil Groove Mix)
Vick Lavender - Chicago Samba (Black Mamba Sophisticado Mix)
Sunny S, Ambrotype - Goes Around (Original Mix)
Tarek, Cristina Soto - Say Goodbye (Marc Coterell Remix)
Kev Dot Kruz, LibraClassic!, Shane Tu Kora - Love, Peace & Harmony (Libra's 4am Mix)
Davide Nicolucci - Kata Beach (Original Mix)
Rick Wade - Angry Days (Original Mix)
Watu Wote, Wendy Starland - Come Out (Summer Dub)
Def Dasm - Que sabor (Original Mix)
Matteo - Waiting (M.Caporale Latin Soul Remix)
DJ Romain, Vince Hunter, Soulstrum - What U Said (Vox Mix)
MooreClassicWall Prod. - Pick Up On This (Remastered)
Scott Morter - It's In A Baggie (Original Mix)
Azee Project - Hypnotic Dreams (Batucada Remix)
XJN - Too Much Playin (Original Mix)
Dem Natty Bwoys - All Day (Shaadie & Stix) (Original Mix)