VA – Summer Tracks [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world, technological progress and avant-garde consciousness. Her story, already numbering more than 100 years old, very convincingly shows how the experience of some people, their dreams and initiatives, carefully transferred, sold and developed by successive generations. Of the many disparate and seemingly unrelated to each other ideas and discoveries, even contradictory and mutually exclusive, comes the phenomenon of electronic music. All began with the invention of the phonograph in 1878, the first device that allows to record and play back sound. The first electronic instrument that can independently generate sound waves, was created between 1989 and 1912, it was called tellarmonium and was larger than the size of the church organ. It looked innocuous-key part and modestly as a bookcase, but the element that creates the sound, usually served decent sized house, which prevented widespread tool. His closest descendant became the theremin, invented by Lev Termen in 1919. Playing this instrument was like a mysterious manipulation using alien technology. The tool consists of a two perpendicular antenna, in which termenvoksist Half Frame holds hands. Depending on the proximity or remoteness of the hands of the antenna changes the electromagnetic field, and as a result, the tone and volume of the sound – from the mystical to the buzz of the electric heart-rending shriek. Thus, the traditional guitar, piano, skripochnym school classes added theremin, and soon the first suite for academic theremin orchestra was written.

Zack Burke - Purple Moon (Radio Edit)
Donnie Gabby - Dancing Pairs (Radio Edit)
Carlitos Teobaldi - Satin Light (Radio Edit)
Zac Hedley - Cold Sight (Radio Edit)
Buck Russel - It's Forever (Radio Edit)
Thomas Josiah - Toxic (Original Mix)
Limonio - Rising Sun (Original Mix)
Brant Lynwood - Reflection (Original Mix)
Glen Zeph - Northern Line (Original Mix)
Roger Vergil - Night After (Original Mix)
Esteban Fortunato - Ready 4 You (Original Mix)
Barl Aphooze - Scars (Original Mix)
Tar Rock - Love Can't Stop (Original Mix)
Pamp Alooga - Lifetime (Original Mix)
Hoo Rook - Karma (Original Mix)
Terrence Gus - Just Want More (Original Mix)
Voon Choon - Superficial (Original Mix)
Eric Duncan - Needle Stuck (Original Mix)
Pat Banzee - Siren Call (Original Mix)
Danny Hay - Baptism (Original Mix)