VA – Summer Technz [Technz Records]

A Tracks colletion for this summer 2016 with Nezvil, X6Cta, Assuc, Pasajero 747, WSM and more. Get high on!Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the mankind

TGR - Deep Jungle (Original Mix)
JfAlexsander - Pontiak (Original Mix)
Nezvil - Definition (Original Mix)
WSM - NODE//100 (Hz F (R) Remix)
Assuc - Lio (Original Mix)
Assuc - Elements (Schillerschule Remix)
Nezvil - Substance (Original Mix)
Assuc - Fica (Da Productor Remix)
pasajero 747 - Globulo Rojo (Original Mix)
Alex Martin - For Mark (Bridge To The Club Mix)
Sek7or - My Way (Original Mix)
Assuc - Titan (ZaitaBaita Remix)
Maeb - King Of Giants (Original Mix)
X6Cta - Rush 909 (WSM Remix)