VA – Summer On You [Vullet Roux Music]

Sumertime is (maybe) the best season of the year. Let's celebrate the summertime with the best club tunes!!!
Tracks by Jason Rivas, Organic Noise from Ibiza, Mahe Schulz, The Minimal Puppets and more.

Jason Rivas, Hot Pool - Vacileo (Original Mix)
Organic Noise From Ibiza, Mahe Schulz - Viento de Verano (Original Mix)
Jason Rivas - I'm Not in Miami (Fresh Mix)
Organic Noise From Ibiza - San Antonio (Club Edit)
Almost Believers, Dan Traxmander - Las Afinidades Selectivas (Original Mix)
Jason Rivas, Positive Feeling - Here Comes the Sun (Jason Rivas Club Mix)
Organic Noise From Ibiza - Acid Boiler (Original Mix)
Simsoneria Swing, Dea5head Groovers - Small Town Boy (Original Mix)
World Vibe Music Project - My Fire (Instrumental Extended Mix)
Yamato Daka, The Minimal Puppets - South Beach (Original Mix)
Cosmic Phosphate, Detroit 95 Project - Crime Scene (Dub Mix)
Dea5head Groovers - Purple Flag (DJ Tool)