VA – Summer Night Club [Soundfield]

Only top music of this summer can erect you be aware larger. Let's Go!Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the clique Not most appropriate tracks from summer dancefloors for you.

Aiotto - Love Story (Original Mix)
Unix SL - Split Second (Original Mix)
Alex Numark - Show Me The Way (Original Mix)
Andrew Modens - Shaking The Air (Original Mix)
DJ Goman - To Meet The Holiday (Original Mix)
X-Den Project - Will Be Cold (Original Mix)
Dj Jean AleksandrOFF - You're Beautiful (Original Mix)
Dj Malinovskiy - Dimension X (Original Mix)
Smirnovlezha - The Beautiful World of Trance (Original Mix)
Qizzle - Sunshine (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Satellite (Original Mix)
Emotion Love - After The Rain (Original Mix)
Fantoman - Summer (Original Mix)
Gelvetta - Try To Live - Beautiful (Original Mix)
Korenevskiy - Towards Dawn (Original Mix)
Ognennaya Strast - Funk (Original Mix)
Niblewild - Nearby (Original Mix)
Neofance - Mjolnir (Original Mix)
Maxwell Di, Max Blaike - La Aqua (Original Mix)
MayroN - You're Always In My Heart... Dedicated Borislave (Sad Epic Mix)