VA – Subtrack Records Vol.1 [Subtrack Records]

The first various artists of Subtrack Records

Distributed by Pressology –
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Giuseppe Rizzuto, James Hopkins - Get Lost (Original Mix)
John Haden - Resignation (Original Mix)
Wurtz - Best Friend (Original Mix)
Acki - Iconic Swamp (Original Mix)
Hush, Giuseppe Rizzuto - Groove Shake (Original Mix)
Jay-X - Mechanical System (Original Mix)
Marco Assenza - Darkstar (Original Mix)
Hush, Liber Hades - Resistance (Original Mix)
Marco C. - Route 66 (Original Mix)
Carmelo Prato - Splits (Original Mix)
Alfredo Donisi - A Great Reason (Original Mix)