VA – Strong Meditation Energy With Motivation & Training, Sport & Gym, Vol.4 [Forsage Records (Exia Recordings)]

All from motivation, sport, gym, edm, sex, training, girls, auto, style, energy, workout, fitness, strong, running, meditation, speed, body
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Aeno - Watch Your Back (Original Mix)
Mike Gracias - Pride & Glory (Original Mix)
The Mord - The Beauty of His Native Land (Original Mix)
Techno Revivers Project - Razluka (Original Mix)
DJ Party-Zan, Nika Dostur - Revolution (Vasiliy Arefiev Remix)
IT Project - For You (Original Mix)
Arctic Light - Sunlight (Early Mix)
Arctic Light, 7 Wonders - Symphony of Love (Relax Mix)
Aeno - Underground Shelter (Original Mix)
Koel - Exhausted You (Original Mix)
Mak5ast - Teardrops (Mak5ast Sun Mix)
Mak5ast - Sea (Tropical Mix)
Alpha & Omega - Burned Wings (Original Mix)
Dan Smooth, Elena T, Panarin - Pleasure (Original Mix)
Dj Alika Dakota - Island Shipwrecks (Original Mix)
Aeno - Continued (Original Mix)
Midset - Open The Sky (Original Mix)
AnimoEx - Broken Angel (Original Mix)
The Molecule Proj - After The Rain (Original Mix)
Wanya Bruch - Alien Planet (Original Mix)
Get Fusion - Last Day of Summer (Chillout Mix)
DJ China, Babaeff Dark, Leyla Kafari - Eurovision (Anton Sizoff Remix)
The Molecule Proj - Seeing The Sunset (Original Mix)
Space Fantasy - Lower Measurement (Original Mix)
TernQ - From Past To Future (Original Mix)