VA – Strabaganzza Team Vol.2 [Strabaganzza Records]

18 tracks techno, Ecstasy and tech race Strabaganzza Records(Barcelona).Forebears Planet DistributionsElectronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the earth

Bob Ray - Humanoid (Original Mix)
Inside Out - Sinfony (Original Mix)
Gameplayer, Groovekore - Grooveplayer (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas - The Vision of the Visitor (Gabriel Alonso Remix)
Bob Ray - Doctor-X (Original Mix)
Balance Right - The Presence (The Synth Proyect Remix)
MRTNZ - Modularz (Original Mix)
El Ramon - Finally (Original Mix)
Laaf & Suso - For you mind (Gabriel Alonso Remix)
El Ramon - Fly (Original Mix)
Gabriel Alonso - Vortex (Original Mix)
Gabriel Alonso - The Words Of Light (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas - Rock and Roll (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas - Paula (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas - Closing Of The Mouth (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas - The Sweetheart of the Boys at Sea (Original Mix)
Gabriel Alonso - My Sun (Original Mix)