VA – Star Love [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from here the the world at large

Blackened Storm - Eternal Moment (Chicago's School Mix)
Dzhamaldin Bisliev - Nice Mounth (Martin Norton's Deep Mix)
Clifton Herd - Green Apple (T.X. Ray Mix)
Edo Romani - Syntomatique (Flying Mix)
Chapin Trudeau - Omeopatic (5th Avenue Mix)
Brodie Sleath - Make up Basement (Soulhouse Mix)
Blunt Pup - Dermatronic (Deep Soul Mix)
Bold Excess - Protocol 21 (Serjo Daston's Deep Jag Mix)
Bright Anvil - Bangkok Dangerous (Long Sine Deep Mix)
Chunky Elastic - Silent Maze (Natureza Mix)
Clear Artery - Walking on the Sun (Anthony Lova's Piano Mix)
Deconstructed - Quixotic Void (Mangrovia Mix)
Dizzy Frank - Miniskirt (Underdeep Mix)
Edi Pejic - Ipnotrans (K Stan Mix)
Elwood Eaton - Defiant Flower (Deep Floor Mix)
Ennio Laan - Arcobaleno (Dondeep Mix)
Evie Moore - Savana Life (Green Eyes Mix)
Felicjan Gorski - Wood Experience (Deep Groovers Mix)
Blunt Pup - Droide (Dallmon & Ray's Urban Mix)
Deconstructed - Innocent Liquid (Sapphire Mix)