VA – Spin That House [Dream Market Records]

Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from all about the the world at large

Porn Btz - Late Show (Avantgarde Mix)
Richard Hummer - Start Game (Continuos House Mix)
Underwasser - Hot Circuite (Van John Mix)
Park Element - Peace Mission (Man Mix)
Tommy Miller - Anything Goes (Four Beats Mix)
Quantum Mind - Black Smoke (Quadratic Bass Mix)
Christian Castillano - Move Your Dream (Mediterranean Beats)
Dadeep - I Bit My Life (Particell Mix)
Kay System - Never Back Down (Rhythms Mix)
Pink System - World Vision (Milk Sonique Mix)
Plastique Soul - Hope Never (Cold Soul Mix)
Yori Giod - In Burning Room (Madame & Rimmel Mix)
Larry Destrini - Broken Life (Deep Grooves Mix)
Robert Sonn - Thinking Loud (Beach Club Mix)
Illav Ermo - Violent Street (House Mix)
Frank Donovan - Face Off (Elegant Mind Mix)