VA – Space Cookies [Purple Hexagon Records]

Purple Hexagon spaceship company helps you launch on this odyssey with a freshly produced compilation representing artists of the most appropriate labels currently in the background. We can all reshape into astronauts and risk off to the Circle and far away from authenticity, solely by following the whereabouts of our percipience. Ten tracks to tang as Room Cookies as you enquire into and relish in the distinct soundscape created by Dj Luki.

Pantomiman - Square Head (Original mix)
Parasect - Modern Club Music (Original mix)
Virtual Light, Animalien - Hexagone (Original mix)
Vertical - Paper Work (Original mix)
Warp Engine - Psychedelik Work Out (Original mix)
Delirium Tremens - Albert Stole My Bike (Original mix)
Wishi - Trilobites (Original mix)
Jumpstreet, Metrix - Space Cookies (Original mix)
Makumba - Power Stab (Original mix)
The Third Eye Of Monkey - Onorestis Oniris (Original mix)