VA – Sounds Of Summer (unmixed Versions) [XTRAHard Records]

A composite of uplifting piano based tracks from some of the foremost breaks artists on the upset currently. Get the barbecue on, and contend in it blaring this summer.

The Brain, Pinky - SweetHeart (Original Mix)
Paul Cronin - Uplifting Heaven (Paul Cronin Remix)
Nefti - Falling (Original Mix)
Nayim - In The Air (Original Mix)
DJ Rave In Peace - Are The Bassheads Out There? (Original Mix)
Deadly Nightshade - Uplifting Heaven (Original Mix)
Davey Brite - Broken Wails (Original Mix)
Gareth Monks - Love Dove (Original Mix)
Finchman - Need Someone (Original Mix)
Finchman - Desire For You (Original Mix)
Deadly Nightshade - MySweetheart(Nightshade Remix) (Original Mix)