VA – Sound On Sound 05 [Sound On Sound]

Look On Ri: 05

Demos Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the planet

Abra - Espionage (Original Mix)
Andrea Matteu - White & Black (Claudio Polizzotto Remix)
Charlie Schwarz - Obscure (Original Mix)
Distant Groove - Mystic (Original Mix)
Summit DJs - White Petrol (Original Mix)
Fly District - Salmo 113 (Original Mix)
Khings - Ovum (Kon Up Remix)
Signals From The Past - DR0.1 (Gruw Frequency Remix)
Fisique - Oracolo (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Gate (Original Mix)
Claudio Polizzotto - Sick (Original Mix)
Oris de Cueva - Amazon (Raum & Zeit Remix)
RockyRocky - Algebria (Original Mix)
Domshe, BiaGo Sordini - Black Planet (Original Mix)
Sam Lower - Laura & (Original Mix)
Nico Tampone - Disorder (Original Mix)
Omnis - Freedom (Original Mix)