VA – Sopa De Cerebro [Kupuri Music]

and Bon apettit! Get high on this big pass out brought to you by Cocowash inc. Sopa de Cerebro is the want awaited compilation by Mexican worldwide known DJ and promoter Pepe Transport, combining a encyclopaedic mix of styles to gusto up this sonic ferment consisting of one of the finest and most ingenious ingredients ranging from inscrutable dub vibrations to express darkish psychedelic tentacles to invite the pre-eminent perceptiveness soup to your dinner flatland.

Barak - Genetically Impossible (Original Mix)
Module Virus - Rockwell (Original Mix)
Cocodrilo - There Should Be Aliens (Original Mix)
Animalien - Garden Of Weeden (Original Mix)
Critter - Zeitgeist (Original Mix)
Seggae, Grimble Gromble - Mrow Nara (Original Mix)
Macaw - Jungle Spirit (Original Mix)
Davide, Cezar, Ishdub - Coatejam (feat. Davide & Cezar) (Original Mix) In Dub - Dubbing Block (Original Mix)
T.S.P. - It´s True (Original Mix)