VA – Songs About Stuff, Not About Things Tho [Mozaick Records]

Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the men

Xiro, Suede Francisco - Suede in the Evening (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro - Treefiddy (Original Mix)
Gem, I Digress, Xiro - Real Eyes Realise Real Lies (Original Mix)
I Digress - Cut My Cake (Original Mix)
Xiro, Jah Mase - It Ain't a Thang (Original Mix)
Xiro - Spoon in the Moonlite (Original Mix)
I Digress, Wafflo - Cash Flow Diminishing (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro - A Good Picture of Stanley (Original Mix)
I Digress, Astro High - Kobe Beef (Original Mix)
I Digress - R.R.U. Trying (Original Mix)
Kwame, Xiro, Wafflo - F7 to My Life (Original Mix)
Xiro - Beverly Hills Broke Boys (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro, Knarley - Got Anything Good (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro - Hungry for Dinner (Original Mix)
Kwame, I Digress - Gossip Girls (Original Mix)
I Digress - I Keep Sayin (Original Mix)
Gem, Xiro - Be Like That (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro - Mr. Tinkler (Original Mix)
Main ST, Xiro - C.C. (Original Mix)
Xiro - Hootin'n'tootin (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro - Hiluxury (Original Mix)
I Digress, Jah Mase - Must Be Something (Original Mix)
I Digress - Tall Man in the Shadows (Original Mix)
I Digress, Xiro, Suede Francisco, Phil Fresh - Now You Know (Original Mix)