VA – Sommergeschichte – 2. Teil [Doppelgaenger]

Monstrous deephouse tracks froms Djs on all sides the Terra…Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from in every direction the cosmos

Soulsonic - Faith (Original Mix)
Julian Wassermann, H.B.C. - Tiger (Original Mix)
LaughingMan - Rhythm of a Heartbeat (Original Mix)
Dancaless - Deep Ocean (Feat. Katinda) (Original Mix)
Ntsako - The Journey (Original Mix)
DGN - Losing Games (Original Mix)
Historus - Glass Rose (Original Mix)
PopArt - The Spell (Miguel Campbell Soul Edit)
Badetasche - Chillin Groove (Original Mix)
Restless - Give It to Me (Glen Brady Remix)
Leskin - Night Toughts (Original Mix)
Chris Stussy - Perfect Place 2 Party (Original Mix)
Datamode - I'm Your Captain (Original Mix)
Axel L. - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
Fernando Parra - Deeplove (Original Mix)
Goriin - First Side (Original Mix)
Tom Golden, Adam B - VR Nights (Original Mix)
Daniele Kama - Color Inside (Original Mix)
Simone Centix - Loose (Simone Venanzi Remix)
Funky Fat - Ride in the City (Original Mix)
Funky Destination - Gimme Some Disco (Original Mix)
Pablo del Monte - Glib Girl (Original Mix)
Tony Lionni - Euphemias Dance (Original Mix)
Petr Serkin - Enter the Downtown (Original Mix)
Sonikross - Make Me Dance (Paul Jacobson Nu Skool Remix)