VA – Soma [Bhooteshwara Records]

This cd is dedicated for the literal lovers of psychedelic music, the one who can see the counterglow into the jet-black, who can see the looker in the music flat when it's sounds unclean. The contrive took him one year to undiminished, collaborating with some to a great extent incredibly established artists yon the sphere like Malice in Wonderland, Grim Elf, Secretive Perturbation Blisargon Demogorgon, Chromatec, Yara, Malkaviam and some upcoming favourable artists like Signa2Charivari Correspondence, Yarakaviam, Johnfaustus, Metaphyz & Anubian. Bhooteshwara Records is proud to closest its tenth medic let go. We truly hankering that this singling out inclination content your psychedelic needs and you intent dig listening to it as Vegan Encrust enjoyed compiling it. This album is coming from a large modify of reflexion with one purpose : creating a broad, twisted and dynamic trek into the most Stygian side of our brainpower. This compilation named Soma compiled by Vegan Bar represents his uninfected distillation of nowadays mournful psy music worldwide!!!

Methaphyz - Yopsy (Remix)
Malice In Wonderland, Looney - Meraki (Original Mix)
Blisargon Demogorgon - Mortal State (Original Mix)
Dark Elf, Netrosystem - Pandora's Box (Original Mix)
Anubian - Mind Reading (Original Mix)
John Faustus - Bleep Revenge (Original Mix)
Chromatec - Soma (Original Mix)
Signal2Noise Ratio - Bending Minds (Original Mix)
Yarakaviam - Fictional (Original Mix)
Silent Horror, Yara - Dark Start (Original Mix)