VA – Sliver Music: Electro House, Vol.9 [SLiVER Recordings]

Sundry Artists – Splinter Music: Electro Dwelling, Vol.9 is the latest pass out on Shaving Recordings.Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from circa the planet

Stepsine Project - Progressia (Original Mix)
SheffeRSounD - I Love It (Original Mix)
Reckless Ryan - Datura (Original Mix)
Trong, Postmen Death - Hard Way (Original Mix)
LTE - Jamper (Original Mix)
Iqross - Infinity (Original Mix)
GYSNOIZE - Party No Stop! (Original Mix)
DJ Dragon Boss - Longest Journey (Original Mix)
DJ Alex V.I.T. - Merry Christmas (Original Mix)
A2yk - Jump (Original Mix)