VA – Simplify Recordings: Midtempo Monsters [Simplify Recordings]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

The Gremlin, Scottay - Summer '06 (Original Mix)
Inspir - Dualities (Original Mix)
MDRN - Appreciate (Original Mix)
Covant - The Cosmonaut (Original Mix)
Scruffy - Cyborg Overlord Kittens (Original Mix)
Lime Kid, Skytrick - Surrender (Original Mix)
High Performance - Sanity (Original Mix)
The Dirty Bunch - Discobreaka (Original Mix)
Konstellation - Smile At The Rain (Original Mix)
Omega - Cutting Lines With Occam's Razor (Social Kid Remix)
Blind Digital, Conscious Route - Twist3d (Original Mix)
K Theory - Things I Like To Do (Tut Tut Child Remix)
Flavours - Just Want Juice (Original Mix)
Vulpey, Mynerva - Atrium (feat. Mynerva) (Original Mix)
Marky Style - Weed Smoker (Elysium Remix)
Fractal System - Funky Fresh (Original Mix)
Venemy - Siren (Original Mix)
Love & Light - So Much Yes! (Original Mix)
Konstellation - Hitchhiker (Original Mix)
Defunk, K+Lab - The Last (Original Mix)