VA – Showcase Tracks 2 [Deepsound Academy Records]

Showcase Tracks 2
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'Showcase Tracks'
Showcase Tracks 2 inc. 19 Tracks all dominant genres foremost examples stomach this V.A. and conjunction for us content go the links
Thanks for all supports and most beneficent wishes we are whim Deepsound Academy Records Presents :
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Audio Lounge System - Setai (Serdar Ors Rework)
Fernando Lopez - Holidays With Potatoes (Original Mix)
Serdar Ors - Burner Philosopphy (Original Mix)
Erdinc Tascioglu - What She Has (Original Mix)
Fernando Lopez - Downtairs (Original Mix)
Serdar Ors - Kiss The Sky (Original Mix)
DJ Coslow - Fake Muse (Original Mix)
Love 'N Joy - Yada Git (Original Mix)
Serdar Ors - Yetersiz Bakiye (Original Mix)
Fernando Lopez - I Know What You Thinking (Original Mix)
Love 'N Joy - Yada Git (Short Mix)
Serdar Ors - The Door (Audio Lounge System Mix)
Semih Demir - Skull (Original Mix)
Serdar Ors - Nonsense (Original Mix)
Love 'N Joy - Yada Git (Radio Mix)
Samuel Dee - September Again (Original Mix)
Serdar Ors - Gezi (Shobo Rework)