VA – Shok [Sphere Records]

Diversified Artists – Shok is the latest make available on Caste Records.Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the Terra

E, rik_MnMl - A Big Decline (Original Mix)
E, rik_MnMl - A Criminal Dog (Original Mix)
E, rik_MnMl - A Dangerous Pads (Original Mix)
E, rik_MnMl - A Small Ship (Original Mix)
E, rik_MnMl - Dr.Octor Rex (Original Mix)
E, rik_MnMl - Fragile (Original Mix)
Aaron Mash, Patrick Schusta - Funky (Original Mix)
Acki - Da Fuck (Original Mix)
Ahren System, Adrian La·minim - Endofline (Original Mix)
Ahren System - Rectify (Alan Fuster Remix)
Ahren System - Rectify (Original Mix)
Ahren System - Rectify (SFK Remix)
Ahren System - Rectify (Yo Noise Remix)
Albert G - Funkyman (Original Mix)
Alberto Bandiera - Simple Bass (Original Mix)
Alberto Feria, Alvaro MNML - Penicilline (Original Mix)
Alberto Feria, Andres DG - Nothing To Say (Original Mix)
Alessio Gnizio - Ice (Original Mix)
Alex Geralead - Gay Man (Original Mix)
Alex Geralead - Megazord (Original Mix)
Alex Geralead - Mio (Original Mix)
ALexander Reyes - God Bua Jajaj (Original Mix)
ALexander Reyes - Ha Ha Ha (Original Mix)
ALexander Reyes - Nasa Apollo 18 (Original Mix)
ALexander Reyes - Shok (Original Mix)