VA – Sensuous Deephouse [Giverny Music]

This amazing Compilation contains 20 of the best Deephouse tracks from all around the world. Artists like Spiced Boogie, Chiffre 100, Flash Is Fast, Chillelektro and many others hope that you'll feel the vibes and enjoy the good music.

Spiced Boogie - Sidewalks (Original Mix)
Chiffre 100 - The Thing With Wings (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Les Mouches (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Cassis (Original Mix)
Sigother - Pleasaunce (Original Mix)
Rocketpunk - Alt 3 (Original Mix)
Mighty Real - Straight Ahead (Original Mix)
Retrosynco - Alpamayo (Ela H. Remix)
Chillelektro - Cabo de Creus (Original Mix)
Najwars - The Concrete Oracle (Original Mix)
Circuito Zeta - Get Grown (Original Mix)
Soul Emphasis - Going Deeper (Original Mix)
Hints Of Soul - Morning Coffee (Original Mix)
Sigother - Double Motion (Original Mix)
Circuito Zeta - Deep Visions (Original Mix)
Licata, Linares - Quadrant (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
Fiko - Vege (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
Simplex Sensus - Suit Your Mood (Original Mix)
Chiffre 100 - Take A Chance (Original Mix)
Sigother - Natural Tone (Original Mix)