VA – Sensual & Seductive Deephouse [Giverny Music]

The matchless impenetrable assembly compilation for a profligate and beguiling evening or somthing else. Count you'll benefit it! The compilation also includes the discredit new traces 'Backshore' by Chiffre 100.

Chiffre 100 - Backshore (Original Mix)
Simplex Sensus - Rhyme Master (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Cabo de Creus (Original Mix)
Mighty Real - That Peculiar Signal (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Bouncing Waves (Reprise)
Circuito Zeta - En Directo (Original Mix)
Spiced Boogie - Upscale (Original Mix)
El Nicoya - Lo Que Mueves (Original Mix)
Circuito Zeta - Deep Visions (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Bouncing Waves (Original Mix)
Transitive Feelings - Bust A Groove (Original Mix)
Chiffre 100 - Take A Chance (Original Mix)
Unexpected Marvel - The Search (Original Mix)
Circuito Zeta - Bass Cooker (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Right Or Wrong (Original Mix)
Simplex Sensus - Program Relocation (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Lubmin (Original Mix)
Dan Rubell - My Love (Dj Fopp Remix)
Grand Croupier - Stay (Original Mix)
Chiffre 100 - Velvet Flair (Original Mix)