VA – Sensual & Romantic Chillout: 25 Soft Lounge Tracks [Ecstasy Records]

Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the life

Andrew Philippov - The Sun (Vocal Chillout Mix)
Strannik - Margaritas Flight (Original Mix)
Issi Borgers, Demian Art - Are You Waiting (Original Mix)
Jason Greenberg - Accolades (Original Mix)
Espionage - Entropy (Female Vocal Version)
Dean Wagg - Mermaids Sing (Original Mix)
Sideway - Cherry (Original Mix)
Andrew Robert Bird - Distress (Original Mix)
Amycanbe - Buffalos (Original Mix)
Suchitra Lata - Trip Along (Original Mix)
Jason Greenberg - Solace (Original Mix)
Red Sky Lullaby - With You Again (Original Mix)
Strannik - Indian Dreams (Original Mix)
jDeVan - Drowning (Original Mix)
Image Sounds - A New Day (Original Mix)
Side Fx - Drive (Club Remix)
Owen Phillips - Aloha (Original Mix)
Lewell - Remember My Name (Original Mix)
Deep Sister - Don't Be Shy (Original Mix)
Thomas Seher - My Castle (Original Mix)
Image Sounds - Touch My Soul (Original Mix)
Deep Sister - In My Eyes (Original Mix)
Mark Dorricott - Memories of Tomorrow (Electronic Mix)
Image Sounds - About You (Original Mix)
Olegy - Easy (Original Mix)