VA – Sensual Deep House [Berry Parfait]

Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from on all sides the crowd

Yves Taylor - Incomparable Breeze (Tony Morgan Mix)
Lorenz Carlton - Melody Cool (Francoise Demegni Mix)
Rich Romeo - Select All (Supalady Mix)
Frank Lovenue - Falstaffs (Motel Rex's Deep Mix)
Richard Rochefeller - Story Up (Piano Mix)
Cool Stars, Roy Phantazy - Starbust feat. Roy Phantazy (Le Club Mix)
Adrian Baar - No Better Sound (Deephouse Mix)
Dennis Shultz - World Like It (Krown & Pearls Mix)
Basement Grooves, Tony Kranh - A Freak feat. Tony Kranh (6th Floor Mix)
Robert Guerrero - Cool Comoans (Sexitivity Mix)
Pascal Van Jola - Incredible Short (Deep Monarch Mix)
Victor Reinold - Miami Face (Ocean Drive Club Mix)
Divo Beats - Steel Believe (Sexy Mix)
Leon Smith - House Friendly Stop (Carl Gregory's Light Mix)
Mark Kionne - Just in System (Girls & Champagne Mix)
Paul Sutton - Take Me Home (Sunrise Mix)
Nomura Taio - What a Man (Dinner Mix)
Motel Rex - Delicious (Night Mix)
Trevor Jay - Plinting (99's Deep Street Mix)
Sander Dee, Corinna Barclays - Ho Dancer feat. Corinna Barclays (Deephouse Mix)