VA – Senegambia Rebel [Voodoo Rebel]

Senegambia Rebel is a project born during a long travel in Senegal and Gambia in 2014 from Leonard P, one of the founder of Voodoo Rebel.
In the African culture music is such culturally omnipresent. During the whole month of journey passing through villages and fields, Leonard field recorded hours of natural sounds, ceremonies, concerts and various moment of the everyday life in with just a simple mobile and a panoramic mic.
The result was a soundbank, with such sample as that raw as that fascinating low/fi warmness, shared through some old faces of the label like Piezo (IT) but also some new and exciting producers from different continents like Populous (IT), Reaganomics (USA), Lumumba (FR) just to name a few.

Senegambia Rebel is a voyage through Bayefal chants, jam session on the beaches, crowded markets sounds mixed with electronic music elements, 9 perfect shaped blends between acoustic instruments like Kora, Jambe or Bolon, with modern synths and 808 drums.

Populous - Kololi Under The Moon (Original mix)
Piezo - Galinga (Original mix)
Capibara - 15 (Original mix)
DJ Reaganomics - Jola House (Original mix)
Ckrono, Slesh - Serere (Original mix)
Numa Crew - Zigi Call (Original mix)
LUMUMBA - Voodoo Chamber (Original mix)
Nobel - Rituale (Original mix)
Umeme Afrorave - Je T'ama (Original mix)