VA – Second Wave [Emperor Recordings]

This is Our Next Od Make available on Emperor Recordings – Following Flutter ( The Compilation )…Supports artists and download tracks.Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the fraternity

DJ Johan Weiss - Silent Steps (Original Mix)
Nilocsem - Body Love (Original Mix)
Vladimaltech - Engrosso (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Bleja (Original Mix)
Vladimaltech - Lovik (Original Mix)
Constantinus - Sexuality (Original Mix)
Borges, Cris D - G.R.O.O.T (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Schnitzel (Original Mix)
Borges - New Life (Original Mix)
Borges - Never Giveup (Original Mix)
Sergio Gonzalez - I Do Nothing Anymore (Original Mix)
Kenshi Kamaro - Silent Moon (Original Mix)
Constantinus - Deep (Original Mix)
Rene Cruz - Awakening (Original Mix)
Kenshi Kamaro - Lapu Lapu (Original Mix)
Rene Cruz - People of The Storm (Club Mix)
Constantinus - Dark (Original Mix)
Jason Case, Nick Silva - GloBal (Original Mix)
Jason Case, Nick Silva - Jet (Original Mix)
Constantinus - Corporated (Original Mix)
Jason Case, Nick Silva - Magnétic (Original Mix)
Constantinus - Tribal (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Shadows at The Moonlight (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Enjoyment of Life (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Foamy Side Of Life (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Like This World (Original Mix)