VA – Sea Deep [Red Kiss]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the the world at large

Nik Sexton - Music Express (House & City Mix)
Don Caro - The Tribal Jazz (Paul Welsh's Under Rhythm Mix)
Red Plan - Do Not Look at the Surface (Subsystem Mix)
Paul Fashion - Stardust Music (Superior Floor Mix)
Markus Mueller - The Depth of the Beach (Modell & Mercier's Fashion Mix)
Takeshi Homura - Electronic Organ (Club Sonique Mix)
Quantic Solution - The Plane of Life (Nik Sexton Mix)
Stefan Shaer - The Tone of the House (Takeshi Homura's House Mix)
Fifth Model - Fame Music (Night Express Mix)
House Flavorz - I Love Piano (Carl Shuster's House Mix)
Carl Shuster - Blue Lemon (Martin Grace's House Mix)