VA – Sangomandala Compiled By Daksinamurti [Timecode/Sangoma]

Legends from the first days of Goatrance, new discoveries, Sangoma regulars and some of the A- stylish artists marry forces and surrender some fabulous collaborations. Creating archetypes in a Jungian sanity that resonate with collectively involuntary ideas, primordial images and patterns of cogitation that is instances remaining in specific psyches. A limited piece of this let go is its rifle that develops its own deepness into hypnotic effects and inner landscapes. An aural music settling on far away from any of this genres stereotypes and attitudes, like a sonic mandala this music may be employed for practitioners, adepts and listeners as a clerical counsel gadget for establishing a ecclesiastical seat, and as an aid to meditation and exaltation induction. The settling on is an inward tour brimming of analog sounds – giving a quite natural and unchanged nearly equal to the melodic extract fit for any hour of the day. Sangoma Records contemporary "Sangomandala" the new compilation of our labelmanager Daksinamurti – a one and only commingling of cultured music, which gets horizontal to the spot – getting you into an rhapsodic glory of half-consciousness.

Random, Scorb, Virtual Light - Rogue Stimulants (Original Mix)
Ajja, Psymmetrix - Feeling the FX (2016 Edit)
Purist, Diksha - Natural Medicine (Original Mix)
Drip Drop - Big Banyan (Original Mix)
Virtual Light, Module Virus - Luminous Flesh of Giants (Original Mix)
Nektar, Poet - White Rocks (Original Mix)
Kala, Yudhisthira - Substance and Shadow (Original Mix)
Fungus Funk, Obliviant - Competitive Spirituality (Original Mix)
Black Noise, Peyotes - Bipolar (Original Mix)
ManMadeMan, Ingrained Instincts - Replicant 3 (Original Mix)
Daksinamurti, Cosinus - Indra Tandava (Original Mix)