VA – Saint-tropez Bar Grooves (house Rhythms Beach Party Edition) [FMC Phonograph]

Vibes from house!!!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Cris Roberts - Galaxy in My Mind (David Solingo Mix)
Modell, Mercier - Micro Big Word (Crystal Cube Mix)
Fantasy Groove - Sabor de Mar (Miami Nights Mix)
Oceanus 99 - Minimic Deep (Blue Planet Mix)
Lil French - Intensity Flat (Modell & Mercier's Deepstars Mix)
Fashion Rhythms, Vandja - Deep Believe in You feat. Vandja (New York City Mix)
Sophinsicated Rhythms - Deep in My Funky (Disco City Mix)
Congatronic - Markauasy (Alfred Millorca's House Mix)
Anthony Maserati - Regressivity (Jet Party Mix)
Hotel 77 - I Am Very Serious (6th Floor Mix)
Tony Lova - Deep Tradition of Music (House Voyage Mix)
Mark Glass - Hung up Deep (Alexander Sanders Mix)
Mandragora - Doc in Station (Modell & Mercier's Fashion Mix)
Larry Destrini - All Right (Partik Garrauld's Limousine Mix)
Club 89 - Strange Alarm (Tribal Mix)
Martin Grace - Just One Illusion (House Mix)
Martin Brigt - Civil Disobedience (House Mix)
Don Caro - The Tribal Jazz (Paul Welsh's Under Rhythm Mix)
House Of Soul - Grooving Mind (Ron Longa's Real Mix)
Dreamlight - Summer Music (Moonshining Mix)