VA – Ruthless Deep House [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from roughly the creation

Lane Somerville - The Rule (North Mix)
Felix Schou - Cactus Juice (Rainold Demonici's Deep Beat)
Iron Mind - Speed Experience (Grand Central Mix)
Flat Crumb - Cool Emoticon (On the Beach Mix)
Ken Henderson - See Concept (Night Beach Mix)
Frisky Slight - Payable Glue (Deep & House Mix)
Ida Valdes - Last Dream (Dreamin' You Deep Mix)
Jaasiel Vega - Social Groove (Deep Groovers Mix)
Jewel Sadness - Revelations (Guy Rochefeller's Deep Mix)
Danny Hay - Playground (Original Mix)
Kim Broberg - Over Catapult (Alison Martin's Fresh Mix)
Joke Pick - App Party (Dastar's Vibes Mix)
Felix Schou - Monkey (Mandragora's Mix)
Kenny Fransson - Chatbox (Deep Mix)
Morgan Swine - Big Box (Deepdust Mix)
Harley Coles - Drink Evolution (Fusion Mix)
Francis Gour - Monaco Time (Waterfront Mix)
Moore Gregoire - Deep Views (Sound of Rome Mix)
Joe Hale - Original Freedom Babes (Silver Vicente's Limousine Mix)
Danny Hay - Out of the Blue (Original Mix)