VA – Rumble Sounds, Vol.1 [Wock Smash Records]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from there the crowd

Vanzook5, Tonny Romero - The Sound of Rumble (Original Mix)
Tonny Romero - Indrop (Original Mix)
Tonny Romero - Get Your Freak On (Original Mix)
Tonny Romero, Black Hood - Overload (Original Mix)
Tonny Romero, Adrian Davila - Fuck School (Original Mix)
DERIAN, Alexgiz - Hitting Up (Original Mix)
Legend Soldier - Brain Damage (Original Mix)
Tonny Romero, Alexgiz - Nashwa (Original Mix)
HardMusic, Exxis - The Wave (Original Mix)
Elvis Mauricio - Bumpy (Original Mix)
Flasz - Demons (Original Mix)
Erick Sleim - Berserker (Original Mix)
Downbraker, JEANDER - Supreme (Original Mix)
Blacod - Code Black (Original Mix)
Prvnks - Basic Bitch!!! (Original Mix)
AndrewM - Funky George (Original Mix)