VA – Rotation, Pt. 2 [Addictive Behaviour]

Philth adds a today’s, melodic, vocal mixture to the past comprehension end of the mix in "The Big Undoubtedly" whilst Dom & Roland's Xanadu is commissioned for remixing duties delivering an gunpowder new clasp on Specific's "Breakout" Audio annihilation! This 2nd chapter to Addictive Actions's dynamical album series is their most pushy enterprise to friend. Embarking on this Rotation, and making their imprint launching is an portentous choir of adequately-known names as excellently as untried up and coming, frigid brim producers. During the interval, Turn loose, Tephra & Arkoze, Observations 3 & Modu victual their own second to none in harmony variations, beaming with sullen subs and percussive vibes, encapsulating he Addictive Conduct sonorousness to immense drift. An otherworldly make showcasing an edgy and anxious array of raw endowment from a collective of old and new artists from the Addictive group. Armed, locked and prejudiced with an pounce upon of suave phonic weaponry, their work is comprehensible. Defect Bee rains in the darker, techy vibes with his "Ghetto Statesmanship", as do Kyrist & Babarix in their obliterating "Maikuro Funk" collab. One year on from the despatch of their inaugural "Rotation" slate, Addictive Deportment's different-artist alternate orbits blue planet in olden days more. On embark on this heyday, a troupe of 21 unafraid pioneers, bringing with them a multiform spectrum of musicality and D&B engineering skill to the pilgrimage.

Philth - The Big Question (Original Mix)
Nick Bee - Ghetto Politics (Original Mix)
Data 3 - Sleepwalking (Original Mix)
Artifact - Materialist (Original Mix)
Modu - Ah Well (Original Mix)
Barbarix, Kyrist - Mailkuro Funk (Original Mix)
Release, Tephra, Arkoze - Forfeit (Original Mix)
L 33 - Analogue (Original Mix)
Detail - Miko (Original Mix)
Fade - Hold Tight (Original Mix)
The Clamps, TR Tactics - Conscious (Original Mix)
Detail - Breakout (Xanadu Remix)
Mystic State - Eye Contact (Original Mix)
Nami - Downpour (Original Mix)
Philth - Rotation, Pt. 2 (Mixed by Philth)