VA – Revolucion Records: Mixed By Javier Ganuza [Revolucion Records]

Heading into the fixed third of proceedings things start to bod up a gash with Javier's own smash hit 'Faulty Club' location the resonance very ahead heading deeper with Defbeat's 'Meine Dimension' in advance raising the roof with Javier's up to date monitor 'Synth Passion' and finishing off with the acid tinged Kamaaan from Mike13. A determination accumulation of outstanding tracks from the REVOLUCION RECORDS underwrite catalogue compiled and impure by JAVIER GANUZA, spanning nine years of icy periphery secret beats and greater than one hundred releases diverse seamlessly into one low slung hector of impenetrable, dancefloor close electronic enjoyment.. 12 tracks which review the span between dwelling-place and techno, on no account too impregnable and at no time too undemanding, a faultless soundtrack to mark off the range of the REVOLUCION Fetching things down a gash with the spaced out glee of Present Ape's remix of Emanuele Di Sante's 'Orange Contaminate' slowly erection the gouge invest in in with Erick Hernadez's vocal daisy 'Fantasia' and Fulvio Perniola's 'Cannibals' ahead dropping into the chasmic section with Manuel Rodriguez's glo remix of Goran Meyer's 'Be You'. Crevice proceedings on a deeper legislative body based tip with the techy groover 'Shorty' by Goran Meyer followed by Mike13's superior bass driven rework of Wang's 'I Miss' then heading onto more techno based vicinage with the driving, chunky sounds of Dying Indian's 'Rapture'. Spanish based dignitary Javier has been a associate of the Revolucion cooperate since his name launch put out go in 2011 and has seen his list climb steadily in the years since, making waves across the alternative locale as both and accomplised DJ and impresario gaining himself the agnomen 'Basque Ruler of Techno..' His propensity and skills for working the dancefloor are purely encapsulated here.

Daniel Whyte, Andreas Shialaros - Lamina (Insano Ww2 Remix)
Goran Meyer - Shorty (Original Mix)
Wang - I Need (Mike13 Eruptor Mix)
Death Indian - Love (Original Mix)
Emanuele Di Sante - Orange Soil (Going Ape Remix)
Erick Hernandez - Fantasia (Original Mix)
Fulvio Perniola - Cannibals (Original Mix)
Goran Meyer - Be You (Manuel Rodriguez Mix)
Javier Ganuza - Second Beat (Original Mix)
Defbeat - Meine Dimension (Original Mix)
Javier Ganuza - Synth Passion (Original Mix)
Mike13 - Kamaaan (Original Mix)
Javier Ganuza - Revolucion Records: Mixed by Javier Ganuza (Continuous Dj Mix)