VA – Real Rhythms (finest House Selection) [FMC Phonograph]

Finest House Selection, 20 Tracks Compilation.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Frank Marshall, Tony Ralf - This Is Disco Deep (Gigolò's Style Mix)
Jeff Koga - It's All Right (House Mix)
Tony Houzee - Deep in the Discoteque (Red Motel Mix)
Tommy Angel - Oh Please My Bell (Vocal Mix)
Jean Cloud, Alexandra White - Deep into the Night feat. Alexandra White (V6's Vocal House Mix)
Monica James - Let Me Be, Wanna Say (Vocal Mix)
Don Palmer - Micro Univers (Mondial Mix)
Victor Arman - Security Fly (Lady Bamba Remix)
Robert Fawcett - Heaven and Paradise (Melody Mix)
Mark Moragui - Revolution in Thought (Aldo Moraes's Tribal Mix)
Black Jag - I Just Can Stop (Rolf Boss Mix)
Yan Chano - Followers of Freedom (The London Hotel's House Mix)
Brooklyn Boyz - Remain in Onor (Tribeca Mote's House Mix)
Mark Dolphin - Eternal Immensity (Subsequential Mix)
Philippe Laroche - Is Fresh (Club Sonique's House Mix)
Session 61 - And Infamous Liar (Promo Star's House Mix)
Alexandre Sander - Exempel Pa Anslutnigar (Nights Mix)
Erick "The Sound" Mendez - Evoluty (Fine Deep Mix)
Jeff Knight - Salt'n'deep (Jaguar Mix)
Tony Lova - Deep Tradition of Music (House Voyage Mix)