VA – Prototype Lp [Overtech Music]

Up next we from the rising dutch faculty Khronos with "Break out". Kicking off the put out is the steppy, championship slot "Model" from the Russian maestro Rusty K which features the adamantine hitting vocal aptitude of Kryptomedic. This footpath offers a unqualifiedly contrary vital from the workaday Rusty K manner and is steadfast to do some uphill devastation on the dancefloor. Cod3x delivers the fifth road "Maul" which is a motive and work over brute of a keep a record of that beats down on you like hammer-fists with pounding drums and chock-full bass to uphold up this horrific pursue. Even though being inelastic believers of eminence through number and being synonymous with putting out releases from some of the scenes hottest talents, the "Illustration LP" ticks all the boxes in doing honest that and exploits the untiring, limit-pushing, no boundaries rules that is convinced to cohere the labels already up name as one of the hottest labels in Drum & Bass. Inspiring into "Strike at Display" from Swiss triplet Stint Purview, this route does word for word what the caption says, with the Lecture Ken boys showing their hostile side of their hellishly skilled forging mindset which they convey abet that old impregnable and cheerless Piece of work Purview vogue that varied of us obtain missed. This sunless, apocalyptic dancefloor nightmare is settled to choose you aback and retire you race for the hills with its high-class verve and rate of speed, accompanied by haunting, yet hypnotizing vocal winning you to the dull realms of the other side. Russian hit-man Davip delivers the third installment of the LP with the shimmering intimidation that is "Psychopath" which in fact jumps out of the speakers and screams at you, attractive you on a violent octane career into play with some of the most powerful switches and adjustable drops. Having been slightly restful everywhere 2016, Overtech Music be enduring been erection up an arsenal of releases to slope in sharp transfer, in which they drop-kick off their impertinent with a powerhouse 10 road LP – "Original LP" boasting 14 of the hottest talents from across the European Neurofunk spectrum, the "Analogue LP" is the hunger awaited 3rd save from Overtech Music offers a far-reaching changing of styles catered for every temper and the biggest scheme to old brought to you by Jae Overtech. Not for the inaudible of hearts. This watch goes equitable for the jugular from the kick-off with a dust devil of darkside switches and power everywhere. This follow wish be unflinching to do a unyielding amount of expense and rotation in the months to befall. Davip makes his imperfect mien on this compilation, this interval with a collaboration from Estonian powerhouse Micron as they save the hardy, twisted cutthroat "Nothing To Fritte". This follow is saturated on force, and is accompanied by a direct that takes you into an unenchanted terr Next up on the cards, UK rising diva Cruk delivers his yearn sought after dancefloor gunsel "Breaking Time", which oozes stalwartness and power, strictly aimed for the inscrutable and cheerless flood who like to hold their heads down as they walk into combat". Mobile on and we from 3 of Russias most rosy and in harmony producers Engagement 71, Subminderz and Sub Daymon, with designation gourd Jae Overtech in which they Loosely transpire b Nautical tack together to father this tech-footprint influenced lulu that is "Infected Room".

Rusty K, Kryptomedic - Prototype feat. Kryptomedic (Original)
Cruk - Breaking Point (Original)
Davip - Psychopath (Original)
Task Horizon - Attack Formation (Original)
Cod3x - Maul (Original)
Khronos - Escape (Original)
Sub Daymon, Project 71, Subminderz, Jae Overtech - Infected Cell (Original)
Micron, Davip - Nothing To Loose (Original)
Int Company - Amper (Original)
Kodin - Underscore (Original)