VA – Pro B Tech Summer Showcase [Pro B Tech Music]

Some are new, some are stalwarts of the area, yet all are producing enormous music exact now. Some of the aforementioned, including Growth Huckster and are providing their maiden junket on Pro B Tech. As period with Pro B Tech, tracks lead on between outstanding liberal, techno and half-consciousness, each bringing a inimitable taste to this heterogeneous, globally inspired tray. We yearning you make use of. No less than eleven rising stars drawing card here, including Audioglider, Bourgeon Retailer, Eduardo McGregor, Hernan Serrao, Kiz Pattison, Louie Le Fink, Matt Ebon, & soulForm, Si Philips, TtrueAR attainment Lucas Hache. yet maintain various more moving projects planned, not least their contribution to this assorted and cultured album. Pro B Tech accept as one’s own a refined silver in make-up for it's next jaunt, this period showcasing a sustained-trouper of tracks from some of the pre-eminent burgeoning knack of the covered. Words by Breccia (c) 2016
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TtrueAR - My Dream Come True (Original Mix)
Louie Le Fink - Farside Noise (Original Mix)
Kiz Pattison - Lines Of Base (Original Mix)
Kiz Pattison - Acidic Bells (Original Mix)
Matt Black - Sunblind (Original Mix)
red.tree, Soulform - Centre Of Ascension (Original Mix)
Soulform - Cuddle (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Gravitational (Original Mix)
Si Philips - The House (Original Mix)
Eduardo McGregor - Zero (Original Mix)
Hernan Serrao - Ideas Del Sur (Original Mix)
Hernan Serrao - Ideas Del Sur (Dub Mix)