VA – Poseidon [Positive Feeling Records]

Tracks as "Querekunao" by Cellos Balearica & Biological Rattle from ibiza or the stunning eight minutes eat one’s heart out extensive techno junkets by Jason Rivas for the traces Hypnotic Peregrination. This hypnotic nightclub music make a trip named Poseidon classify some recondite jewels of electronic music.

Die Fantastische Hubschrauber, Blizzy Gem - Hypnotic Journey (Jason Rivas Edit)
Organic Noise From Ibiza, Cellos Balearica - Querekunao (Boiler Edit)
Die Fantastische Hubschrauber - Hot (Dub Mix)
Klum Baumgartner, Die Fantastische Hubschrauber - Cocoon (Original Mix)
Elektronik Kitchen Of Ideas - What? (Jason Rivas Remix)
Drum & Breakers - Crystal Skulls (Dub Mix)
Organic Noise From Ibiza, Mahe Schulz - Viento de Verano (Luchiiano Vegas Remix)
Donovan Maldercat, Veg - Future Feeling (Original Mix)
Drum & Breakers - Drum Attack (Original Mix)
Vacile Beat - Lo Tienes (DJ Tool)