VA – Phoenixxx [Planet Mu]

The tracks on 'PHOENIXXX' propose to electronic music with a punky, unorganized view. WWWINGS consists of three members superannuated between 18 and 25, 'Lit Internet' from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far East of Russia, 'Lit Eyne' from Siberia and 'Lit Daw' from Ukraine. This learning squabble is hammered into something rash, dystopian and dripping in bitter-cold, immigrant slime. It's not hither the setting, in reality we like the countryside here, it's down the people who principle these countries and their laws. Pre-WWWINGS Lit Eyne taught and collaborated with Lit Internet, creating a soundcloud folio and posting a scent per month, conclave investment and forming various global friendships with like-minded artists, some of whom ended up collaborating on this album. Exertion with verifiable subsistence in nearly oppressive countries affects us, so I judge thats why most of our tracks sounds distressing and depressive". The three of them met on the Russian societal networking milieu VK where Lit Internet and Lit Eyne formed a music blog, one-time to their making music together. Musique genuine morphs into deceive and trashcan drums, the twisting graphic soundscapes of gaming soundtracks, Eastern European nation music, new metal, industrial noise and explosions cranny. WWWINGS' music straddles and sutures dubious sounds and structures, usually in the nevertheless tracks. Founding fellow 'Lit Internet' says of the music WWWINGS makes: "Our foremost stimulus is not OK champion for our robustness, we palpable in leg-Soviet countries and for people like us with our interests and hobbies and points of outlook, it's a quite uncomfortable domain. With a featured artists slate that features the cream of the new sea of 2016 such as NON's Chino Amobi, NAAFI artists Imaabs and Lao, Hyperdub signing 'Endgame', self described 'transhuman inquiry' Born In Flamez, Symbols Records' Kastle, Ebbo Kraan and DJ Heroin, PHOENIXXX is an uncompromising and very primeval chronicle. After this, Lit Internet met Lit Daw who was already a skilled creator and in 2015 the three of them collaborated on the 'WWWINGS' contract, remotely, using the Russian exigent errand-boy aid Trade mark Mailgram.

WWWINGS - Lil Angels (Original Mix)
Kastle, Gronos1, WWWINGS, Born In Flames - Era feat. Kastle feat. Born In Flames feat. Gronos1 (Original Mix)
WWWINGS, Chino Amobi - Aethereal feat. Chino Amobi (Original Mix)
Lao, Imaabs, WWWINGS - Pyro feat. Imaabs feat. Lao (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - Arcane (Original Mix)
endgame, WWWINGS - Lava feat. Endgame (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - Ashes (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - Resurge (Original Mix)
Ebbo Kraan, WWWINGS - Infinity feat. Ebbo Kraan (Original Mix)
Graves, Barla, Pope, WWWINGS - Melt feat. Barla feat. Graves feat. Pope (Original Mix)
WWWINGS, DJ Heroin - Fly feat. DJ Heroin (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - Ignite (Original Mix)