VA – Philthy Rich Presents: Funk Season 4 [SCMMLLC]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the c

M.A.C - Funk Season 4 Intro (Original Mix)
RBC Bugzy - Seem Like (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Blaxk Je$us - Lash for a Rollie (feat. Philthy Rich & Lil Aj) (Original Mix)
Quick Trip - Came from the Project (Original Mix)
Icewear Vezzo - Life on the Line (feat. Kokewave Cook) (Original Mix)
Stunna June - Mafia (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Mozz - Chop Stixx 2 (feat. Sauce Walka, Lil Blood & Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
YOWDA - Proper (feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan) (Original Mix)
Pooh Hefner - Speak on It (Original Mix)
Chippass - Never Heard of You (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Drakeo - Mayday (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Joe Blow - Run the World (Original Mix)
Mozzy - Killa City (Original Mix)
Mozzy - Abandonment (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
M.A.C - Where They Do That At (Original Mix)
Birch Boy Barie - Fucking the Game Up (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Chris Lockett - Never Crossed Game (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Shon Doe - Hunyays (feat. Philthy Rich & Skeme) (Original Mix)
J Murda - Been (feat. Philthy Rich) (Original Mix)
Hus Mozzy - Never Had a Heart (feat. Mozzy Twin) (Original Mix)
Stevie Joe - Throw It Up (Original Mix)
Dana B - Pussy Cat (Original Mix)