VA – Perpetual Dawn – Year One [Tigerbeat6]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the clique

Kid606 - Perpetual Fawns (Original Mix)
Map.ache - Bleeding Conspiracy Theory Jerks (Original Mix)
Peaking Lights Acid Test - Eyes to Sea Live at Pd 11-14-15 (Original Mix)
Kit n C.L.A.W.S. - Live at Pd 6-24-15 (Original Mix)
Personable - Swipe (Original Mix)
Live For Each Moon - World Inside (The Banishment Mix) (Original Mix)
Xiu Xiu - Forever (Original Mix)
Mark Van Hoen - Wash It All Away (Original Mix)
Dntel - Selkie Flip Turn (Original Mix)
Kron - Balls (Original Mix)
Baseck - Tq5lug (Original Mix)
Sana Shenai - Matic (Original Mix)
Golden Hits - Live at Pd 6-22-16 (Original Mix)
S&ndc&Stl& - Dutch Indo Fantasy (Original Mix)
Yann Novak - Wail (Original Mix)