VA – Permanent Vacation 4 [Permanent Vacation]

But no requirement to accent the B huddle, the C brief conversation or methodical the big D. 12 chic tracks by old heroes and new stars for perpetuity. Durable Vacation returns with the fourth instalment of, well enough, Immutable Vacation. Blissed out antique modernism from around the creation. The longest on active compilation series of the appellation (the chief sum total also pronounced the rather maiden let off of pv) is dedicated to the more beachy side of the dancefloor.

Hi & Saberhägen - Spreepark (Original Mix)
Carrot Green - Vodou (Original Mix)
Young Marco - Dreamless (Original Mix)
Fantastic Man - Seaside Special (Original Mix)
Prins Emanuel - Ivys Boogie (Original Mix)
Alex Burkat - Brooklyn Bridge (Original Mix)
Man Power - Pelame (Original Mix)
Benedikt Frey - Lucid Dream (Original Mix)
Hugh Mane - Interstellar (Original Mix)
Cleveland - Rio (Original Mix)
Map.ache - Let Me Sleep (Original Mix)
Suzanne Kraft - Tiles (Original Mix)