VA – People Of The Island 2016: Cetus [Island Beats Music]

"Cetus" is pattern for a hero-lit evening sky accompanied by g cocktails. Artists from Argentina, Spain and Venezuela get together for this big observance, they engender a mark of melodic and cultural tastes resulting in astounding creations that outreach the edges of the disparate genres, allowing Dj's and music lovers to mix any of the pieces into they regular th. "Seal your eyes and pay attention to to the people of the Islet" Atoll Beats Music is proud to present-day People of the Ait 2016, the original Album Version of more to appear. 21 manufacturer new tracks from competent and rising talents, all designed to advance the ait zealous into your league. It connects people from hither the life and brings new creations to hold and lively the Archipelago's anniversary. From abstruse strings to tech minimalism, from techno blows to dynamic knockers, sufficiently make of banner to outfit any music soup.

Yamil - Cetus (Original Mix)
Tony Guerra - Just Tell (Original Mix)
Rodrik - Bleeps (Original Mix)
Andres Pesqueira - High Jack (Original Mix)
Dante, Remmy - Hay Que Ser Holandes (Original Mix)
Marcos Cruz - Esencia (Original Mix)
Vainc - ON3 (Original Mix)
Como Sea - Albert in a Cloud (Original Mix)
Romero - Temporal Perception (Original Mix)
Protocluster - All of This (Original Mix)