VA – Peace On Earth: The Psytrance Movement [B.A.B.A. Records]

Records delivers thirty Fullon, Psytrance, Morning, Forest and Psychedelic Goa Stupefaction anthems for Pacific on Planet World. . The Psytrance Stirring compilation features some of the most desirable revolutionary Artists from known and anonymous Galaxies, all tracks are carefully selected by IMIX. Cease-fire Now!

Imix - Peace (Original Mix)
Batusim - Blueprints Of The Universe (Original Mix)
AudioGramme, Metahumanizer - Dreaming (Metahumanizer 2013 Remix)
Mojo, Vibraddict - Radical Distortion (Original Mix)
Double H, Pan Papason - Magical (Swiss Alps Mix)
Imix - Enjoy This Trip (Batusim Edit)
Beat Pushers - Oldschool (Original Mix)
Wega - Equinox (IMIX Remix)
Taliesin, Imix - Trance Mission (Original Mix)
Anza - Bring Da Rockers (Original Mix)
Vibraddict - The Power of New Genaration (Original Mix)
Gravitactional - Katana Spirit (Original Mix)
Hujaboy - Sonic Tonic (IMIX Remix)
Jirah - The Return (IMIX Remix)
BPM - The Core (Original Mix)
Batusim - Disco Dis Way Disco Dat Way (Original Mix)
Imix - Morning Vibes (Original Mix)
Anza - Reclaim Your Mind (Original Mix)
Mojo - Infinity In A Grain Of Sand (Original Mix)
Imix - Mindwaves (Original Mix)
Plastic Vibe - Godless (Original Mix)
Batusim - Kinky Tekk (Original Mix)
Wizack Twizack - Crystal Castle (IMIX Remix)
Imix - Skillshaper (Batusim Remix)
Tenka - Sufficate Slow (Original Mix)
Imix - Wa Hey Guru (Live Mix)
Batusim & Rage - Digital Solutions (Original Mix)
Imix, Peter Turner - Feel (Batusim Edit)
Metahumanizer - Star System (Original Mix)
Anza - Nexus (2008 Mix)