VA – Pacific Waves [Peloton Musique]

with techno vet Rennie Advance and Twopenny of Galiano Atoll, down to San Francisco with Butane of Baby Helpers and Alpha Clan. On Pacific Waves, hand-pick artists were asked to grant tracks for profusion conservancy within the Pacific Coastline composition. As portent sailors, they veneer the challenges of the prospective reckless and excellent. With and Kris Moon bringing pretentious language and ballast in big give someone a once-over majesty, the femme fatale ditty of Big Phone's Aphrodite rides the big fro, while Let's Go Surface wingsuits over and beyond disposition's anticlines. Seattle's Hanssen and Pezzner, longtime friends of the Peloton, bookend the set and trade get up and trip to the intervening pacific tides. Peloton Music presents Pacific Waves, an 18-scent showcase oblation a portal understanding to the minds and hearts of the progressive sail's vitality and forgiving mindset.* As with their head manumit Bicycles Are Your Friends, Peloton encourages music for environments and intention. Studio locations number from Vancouver B.C.

Hanssen - Subduction (Oceanic Version)
J. Alvarez - Perigean Tides (Original Mix)
Latinum - Haka Khan (Original Mix)
Kris Moon - Milas Song (Original Mix)
Michael Manahan - TrEeTeK (Original Mix)
Roddimus - Scientific Lifestyle (Original Mix)
Butane - Memory Lapse (Original Mix)
Big Phone - Aphrodite (Original Mix)
Let's Go Outside - Anticline (Original Mix)
Cousteau - Kanagua (Original Mix)
Phaedrus - Parallel Oscillations (Original Mix)
Centrikal - Flow (Original Mix)
Leave Trace - Submariner (Original Mix)
Rennie Foster - Coastin' (Original Mix)
Ginkgo - Dulcinea (Original Mix)
Cyanwave - Absence of Me (Original Mix)
Fovus Loîr - Moments For A Day (Original Mix)
Pezzner - Delphia Antarctica (Original Mix)