VA – Overground – The Remixes [Scorched Records]

We've been very lucky to pull together such a talented bunch of producers to remix Adam Cooper's album, and all adding their own individual twist to each tune. Remixing talent includes, Any Given Sunday, Stolen Soul, John Steel, Mike Jolly, Jeremy GOMES, Vlad Rusu and last but not least Eleftherios Mukuka.

Sanna Hartfield, Adam Cooper - Can't Breathe feat. Sanna Hartfield (Any Given Sunday Remix)
Adam Cooper, Amber Maxwell - Take Me Back feat. Amber Maxwell (Stolen Soul & John Steel Remix)
Adam Cooper, Amy K - Ride With The Sun feat. Amy K (Mike Jolly Remix)
Sanna Hartfield, Adam Cooper - Can You Help Me feat. Sanna Hartfield (Eleftherios Mukuka Remix)
Adam Cooper, Janey Brown - My Time feat. Janey Brown (Mike Jolly Remix)
Adam Cooper, Janey Brown - Acid Rain feat. Janey Brown (Vlad Rusu Remix)
Adam Cooper, Louise Van Veenendaal - Midas feat. Louise Van Veenendaal (Jeremy GOMES Remix)
Adam Cooper, Amy K - Free feat. Amy K (Stolen Soul Remix)