VA – Out Of The Shadows [LTX Music]

Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the globe

Parts Unknown - Keep Your Body in Tune (Berlin to Tokyo Trip)
Billy Walsh - The Disco Ball Keeps Turning (Rubber Fetish Party Mix)
Ralph Cifaretto, Barbara Sugarman, Rosalyn Rosenfeld - It's Their House (Revolution Mix)
Giovanni Canora - It's Going to Get Hotter (Drenched with Sweat Mix)
Ralph Cifaretto - Music Is My Drug (Bump)
John Lasher, Diva LonGloria - Droolin' Ova My Shoes (Stiletto Mix)
Zaps Red - Yeah (Experimental Serum # 114 Mix)
Pelvic Thrust - Come Again (El Ephant Mix)
Gavin Volure - The Acid Test (Large Tab Mix)
Enchanted Teacups - Muevelo (Live At Midnight Mix)
John Lasher, 2 Schmucks off the Street - Teach These Children (Walking the Walk Mix)
Billy Walsh - The Jam Band Music feat. Betty D. (Techno Remix)