VA – Only Tech House Tracks (weekend Weapons) [Blackpoint Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

David Ortega - The Others! (Original Mix)
Oner Zeynel - Sesler In My Head! (Original Mix)
Kevin Rivas - Undergroove (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Sunset (Kevin Rivas Remix)
Vily Vinilo - Red Storm (Original Mix)
Aj Lora - Waldorf (Original Mix)
Daniele Pascale, Andrea Dir - Sunflow (Alfredo Di Santo remix)
Andrea Matteu, Simon Roy - Roots (Billy Roger Remix)
David Ortega - Octopus (Original Mix)
Miguel Serrano - Find My Way (Original Mix)
Cardillo DJ - Parthenope (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Get Back (Original Mix)
Gruw Frequency, Stefano Mtm - Next Page (Original Mix)
Giacomo De Falco - Beacon (Original Mix)
Fabiano Carlino - Frequency (Original Mix)