VA – One Year With The Ant [Little Struggling Ant Records]

We be undergoing gathered all the LSAR artists beneath one roof on this discharge, to present you the upshot of what Tiny Struggling Ant Records is all nearly. One year with the Ant and this is the follow-up on this compilation.

Nik Sand - Verde (Original Mix)
Glowpeople - Algebra (Original Mix)
Morizio - UOF (Original Mix)
Stephen Lory - 16 Of 20 (Original Mix)
Denny Dlabal - Forever In Love (Improvisation)
Oceanside - Street Trip (Original Mix)
Kroonerz - Skipjack (Original Mix)
ChemicalMechanical - Etchy (Original Mix)
Hugo - Duke The Psycho (Original Mix)
Morizio - Get Synthesized (Original Mix)
Jasper - Schaufelradbagger (Original Mix)
Nik Sand - The Unholy Ghost Of Stravos (Original Mix)
Glowpeople - Scatter (Original Mix)
Takkun - BollyWork (Original Mix)
Niklas Sandberg - Taxi Genom Stockholm (Original Mix)
Polish - 5 Rano (Original Mix)
Jasper - Echo (Original Mix)
Oceanside - Float (Original Mix)
Stephen Lory - Glam Sightings (Original Mix)
Paul Mynchen - Atlantis (Original Mix)
Polish - In The Distance (Original Mix)
Takkun - Tin Roof (Original Mix)