VA – Night City Ambient [Atomrise Sounds]

To your dreams…Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the people Objective look all about! They takes your perception away from discover. What you ascertain? New waves for you. You go on the streets… Gloaming…

Akhl - Starry Sky (Original Mix)
AnimoEx - Mind Is Like Water (Original Mix)
Autumn Is Near - Big Ben Tower (Original Mix)
Andrew Modens - Wanderer (Original Mix)
Betelgeuze - Be Silent To Me Softly In Ear (Original Mix)
Chrisnait - Exit (Original Mix)
fly Dying - Empty (Original Mix)
Ii ProJect - Schmerz Ist Macht (Original Mix)
M.V.O. Project - Distant Star Part 2 (I Can Fly) (Original Mix)
MAREEKMIA - A Blue Dream (Original Mix)
Last Raise - Sunset Beach (Original Mix)
Moz Design - In The Beginning (Original Mix)
Mr. Matt - Islands of Cats (Original Mix)
Muffled Howl - Detachment (Original Mix)
Roman Naboka - Cosmos (Original Mix)